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I specialise in empowering coeliacs to thrive on a gluten-free lifestyle and overcome persistent gut symptoms through personalised nutritional guidance and a holistic approach.

I provide personalised support to expedite your journey from point A to Z.

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Most Popular

Tame The Tummy Signature Program

A 16-week program packed with high level support to help you kick those stubborn tummy troubles to the curb, even if you're already gluten-free. Together, we'll find lasting relief and stay true to coeliac-friendly practices that work for you.


1 on 1 Consultations

 Step into a world of personalised care with 1 on 1 coeliac support, designed to streamline your transition into a gluten-free lifestyle after being diagnosed with coeliac disease. Ideal for women who value their health and well-being.


Signature Coeliac Course
"Gluten Free Mastery"

Seeking a flexible approach to reclaiming your life with coeliac disease? Look no further! Gain unlimited access to my tailored self-paced program, meticulously curated with 56 insightful lessons. From decoding labels to mastering meal planning, this course empowers you to conquer coeliac disease on your terms.


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