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"Say goodbye to the TRADITIONAL, and welcome the EFFECTIVE"




1 on 1 Consultations

Expedite your new coeliac diagnosis more efficiently and effectively. Perfect for newly diagnosed coeliacs that are looking for that extra emotional and nutritional support.


  • You have just had your coeliac diagnosis confirmed by your GP and have been told to see a general dietitian. You found it challenging to comprehend gluten-free living without clear, personalised guidance from the general gluten free handouts your were given.

  • Coping with the emotional impact of your new coeliac diagnosis feels overwhelming because you lacked sufficient emotional support and coping strategies.

  • You were given a quick 10 minute rundown of label reading and feel overwhelmed with the quantity of gluten-free products and struggle to make confident and safe food choices after leaving your appointment.

  • You experience anxiety over potential cross-contamination and uncertainty about safe food preparation practices, leaving you feeling isolated and left out in social gatherings because you had no further support.

  • Processed packaged gluten free foods make up the most of your diet because they are "safe" and are starting to worry about potential nutritional deficiencies because your general dietitian didn't have time to provide comprehensive and personalised advice tailored to your individual needs.



Confidently navigate your gluten-free lifestyle with clarity and doesn't feel like a burden.


Be at ease going to the supermarket and making food choices, because now you are able to understand what products are safe to consume on the gluten free diet. 


No longer feel isolated at social gatherings and your anxiety about cross-contamination has significantly decreased because you have gained clarity on safe food preparation practices.


Enjoy a diverse and satisfying gluten free culinary experience and your concerns about nutritional deficiencies have been addressed and overcome with tailored advice.


Experience your daily life as now seamless with significantly reduced stress, anxiety and depression related to your gluten-free journey.

Imagine if you no longer felt anxious about the long-term outlook of managing coeliac disease and you now have a clear roadmap beyond basic gluten-free handouts....

Let's Work Together!

What's Included?

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1 on 1 Consultations

You will receive:

1 x 45 minute Telehealth consultation with me.

Personalised plan and protocol to follow to meet your goals.

24/7 access to me through your portal. I will check in with you weekly

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Tools & Resources

Access to my self-paced signature coeliac course "Gluten Free Mastery". The course includes 56 lessons of expert information so that you can gain an easier understanding of coeliac disease, nutrition, label reading, meal planning, eating out and coping mentally.


Emotional Support

As your support system, I'm here to navigate your coeliac journey alongside you, offering not just nutritional guidance but also understanding and support throughout your journey and new diagnosis. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

Who are 1 on 1 consultations for?

Designed only for individuals with coeliac disease that DO NOT suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or persistent gut issues.  It is perfect for those just recently diagnosed with coeliac disease and need support and expert guidance navigating coeliac disease easier and more effectively than general advice from health professionals. It is also perfect for those that have been living with coeliac disease for a few years and need that extra assistance and support with optimising nutrition on a gluten free diet.


How do 1 on 1 consultations differ from the Tame The Tummy program?

1 on 1 consultations are for coeliacs that DO NOT also experience ongoing persistent gut issues. This is because gut issues alongside coeliac disease is quite complex and requires more hands on support. It is suitable for newly diagnosed coeliacs to navigate their diagnosis more efficiently or coeliacs that have been diagnosed for a few months/years that need that extra support, emotionally and nutritionally.

What if I also experience uncomfortable gut symptoms? 

1 on 1 consultations do NOT support any IBS diagnosis. If you are still experiencing uncomfortable gut symptoms despite adhering to a gluten free diet, then I recommend you apply for my Tame The Tummy: IBS Recovery Program 

How much are 1 on 1 consultations?

$290 AUD

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