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Your expert coeliac dietitian and devoted coach committed to supporting you towards a healthier, happier you.

Imagine a life BEYOND persistent gut pains and food anxiety 

About Me

From working in a private practice specialising in gut health, I knew I wanted to make a bigger difference to people's lives than a 1-hour consultation. This is where my online private practice journey began.

Watching a few of my close friends and family members get diagnosed with coeliac disease, I witnessing time and time again the struggles they were faced with due to the lack of support from their general practitioners.


I was driven by a desire to provide the support they DESERVED. This is where I discovered a profound passion for making a difference in the lives of those navigating coeliac disease. 

In the world of gluten free living, I saw a gap that needed filling – accessible and tailored support for coeliacs battling with the complexities of living a gluten-free, along with the lack of emotional support.


Many coeliacs were spending an unnecessary amount of time and energy trying to figure it all out on their own AFTER they were told to "just go gluten free." 


Fast forward to today..

After working 1 on 1  with over 80 coeliacs,  a common issue was occurring.


I consistently found that my clients were coming to me for help with UNEXPLAINED PERSISTENT GUT ISSUES, despite adhering to the gluten free diet for 6 months. What troubled me was their acceptance of these ongoing issues as "normal" due to their coeliac diagnosis.


SPOILER ALERT - they were not unexplained gut issues, it was quite commonly an Irritable Bowel Syndrome issue that we overcome with the correct tailored support and guidance.


Did you know it is common for coeliacs to also experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? 

Witnessing my clients consistently achieve relief from these persistent gut symptoms fuelled my dedication to guiding coeliacs through the complexities of merging the gluten free diet and IBS.


I've successfully steered my clients away from confusion, frustration and disappointment, transforming their relationship with food and their bodies. Now, they confidently navigate social events, embrace spontaneity and say farewell to worries about digestive discomfort, all while increasing energy through proper nutritional guidance.


7 years ago, I embarked on a quest for a life without pain and food anxiety, eventually hoping to conquer my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Like many, I found hope in the promises of restrictive diets, juice cleanses, dairy-free, keto, low FODMAP and the list went on. Little did I know that this journey would teach me lessons beyond what any diet plan could offer.

The BANDAID effect of food restriction

At first, the elimination of certain foods seemed like the ultimate solution, I was free from my unbearable symptoms, I thought I was FREE from IBS. But little did I know, I was unintentionally DESTROYING my gut health, setting me up for LIFELONG gut issues. As I meticulously planned meals, over-analysing labels and cooking with precision. I believed I was taking control of my health, but I was also unknowingly tightening the grip of restriction on my life and my mental health.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. I saw glimpses of improvement, but the victories were fleeting. The burden of limitation started weighing heavily on my shoulders. I found myself declining dinner invitations, fearing the unpredictability of how my body might react. Social gatherings became nerve-wracking episodes of navigating menus and explaining my dietary needs, feeling like an inconvenience to others.


Then came a pivotal moment, a wake-up call that changed my life. It wasn’t a magical cure or a groundbreaking diet, it was getting to the ROOT cause of my IBS and that is when I began my journey to heal my gut from within. 

What no one told me about restrictive diets and IBS was not only the toll it would take on my mental health, but the toll it was taking on my health, particularly my gut health. The constant worry about what I could or couldn't eat consumed my thoughts. It was a paradox, I aimed for a healthier body, but my mind felt trapped and anxious.

What sets me apart...

My own gut journey led me to pursue my career in dietetics, so that I can free others from the burden of uncomfortable and unpredictable gut symptoms. I learned that IBS isn't just about food, it's about balance, physical and emotional. Focused not only on dietary adjustments but also on stress management, mindful eating and the importance of self-care was absolutely necessary.

What life can look like FOR YOU too

Fast forward to my life now, after embracing imperfection, understanding that setbacks were part of the journey, I consider myself free from IBS. For 3 years now, I have not experienced any IBS symptoms since healing my gut and emotional wellbeing. I rekindled my love for food, savoring each bite without guilt or fear. 

What no one told me about restrictive diets and IBS was that the key to healing wasn't running away from foods, it was utilising the right foods and supplements to nourish my gut and allow it to thrive, along with finding harmony within myself. 


If you are navigating the maze of restrictive diets and IBS, know this: your journey is unique, and it's okay to seek support. It's about finding what works for you, not conforming to a one-size-fits-all approach. Embrace the process, be kind to yourself, and remember, you are more than the limitations you face. 

My Specialties

Coeliac Disease

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Gut Health

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


My Qualifications 

Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences 

Masters of Dietetics 

(Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist)

Monash University Low FODMAP dietitian training

Certificate of Gut Microbiome and gut health

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