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Reclaim your digestive HARMONY and REWRITE your story....

for good

A 16-week high level support program that is completely tailored to your lifestyle and needs

Well, well, well! 

I am glad to see that you have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet—either you've got a stellar sense of direction, or your intuition skills are top-notch.

If you've found your way here, chances are you have experienced a unique path of frustration, confusion and disappointment—one marked by the challenges of being a Coeliac.

You've likely faced moments of uncertainty, questioning whether anyone truly understands your persistent struggles with gut issues. Perhaps, like many others, you've felt misunderstood and are looking for someone that can be your guiding light. 

Either way, I'm thrilled to welcome you!


Together, we will not only conquer the complexities of your persistent gut issues, but also support you and celebrate your victories, big or small. 



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Tame The Tummy:
IBS Recovery Program 

Your fast-tracked path to digestive recovery in 16 weeks


  • Constantly experiencing gut symptoms despite your efforts to maintain a gluten-free diet,  leading you to daily frustration and disappointment.

  • You are uncertain of when symptoms might occur, contributing to heightened fear, anxiety and worry, which impacts heavily on your daily life and activities.

  • You are carefully meal planning and considering potential trigger, leading to a loss of spontaneity in your daily life, in turn, affecting your relationships and lifestyle.

  • Your chronic symptoms, along with the challenges of managing a complex diet constantly contribute to stress, anxiety and even depression. 

  • Your experience with ongoing gut symptoms has affected your body image and overall self-esteem, especially when weight fluctuations or digestive discomfort are prominent.

  • Food deprivation is driving you crazy.


Experience a significant REDUCTION of gastrointestinal symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating and irregular bowel movements.



Reach the quality of life that you deserve, being able to participate in social activities, work and daily routines WITHOUT significant disruption from your symptoms.


Consistently achieve a more normalised and PREDICTABLE bowel function, so you spend less time thinking about the closest bathroom.


Have INCREASED ENERGY levels and vitality and successfully incorporate a diverse and enjoyable range of gluten-free foods into your diet.


Feel CONFIDENT in your own body and possess an overall positive body image and self-esteem.





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Overcome persistent gut issues for good

Confidence in your own body and increased quality of life

Farewell food anxiety and social isolation 

Enjoy a large variety of delicious gluten free food without experiencing gut pain


What's Included...


1 on 1 Private Coaching

You will receive:

4 x 1 on 1 Consults

1 x 30 minute personal nutrition session 

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Tools & Resources

Lifelong access to my signature coeliac course. The course includes 56 lessons of expert information on coeliac disease, nutrition, label reading, meal planning, eating out and coping mentally.


Emotional Support

As your support system, I'm here to navigate your coeliac journey alongside you, offering not just nutritional guidance but also understanding and support. You will have 24/7 access to me through your portal for weekly check-ins and daily support through voice memos and messages.



Frequently Asked Questions..

Why is Tame The Tummy: IBS Recovery Program the signature program?

After spending a good amount of time working with and supporting individuals dealing with coeliac disease, I've noticed a common trend.


Many people living with coeliac disease also tend to experience symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If you've been diligently sticking to a strict gluten-free diet but still find yourself grappling with uncomfortable gut issues and ruling out cross-contamination, it's possible that IBS is also in the mix.

Getting an official IBS diagnosis from your doctor is a smart move. Not only does it provide clarity on the situation, but it also helps rule out any other gastrointestinal conditions. So, consider reaching out to your doctor for a chat about your symptoms before we start out journey together.

What is the program length?

This program goes for a minimum of 16-weeks. Why? Because this is the best timeframe in which individuals with IBS can start to gain clarity on their trigger foods and set them on a positive path to lifelong symptom relief.


Who is the program for?

This program is designed for individuals with coeliac disease that also suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or uncomfortable gut symptoms despite following a strict gluten free diet.

Who is this program NOT for?
This program is not suitable for individuals that have been recently diagnosed with coeliac disease (<6 months ago). You can apply for this program if you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease for  6 months and longer and are still expiring uncomfortable gut symptoms such as bloating, unpredictable bowel habits and/or abdominal pain after eating certain gluten free foods.


This is because your body might need some time to adapt to the gluten-free diet and it could take a while for the uncomfortable gut symptoms to subside, especially if your reaction is solely to gluten and not indicative of an underlying IBS condition.



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